Trends and insights from Cellugy.

UN World environment day

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today (June 5th) is a special day for our planet, as we celebrate UN World Environment Day, since 1974. It is also a special month

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Cellugy & circular economy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Companies explain success in different ways. They have different values and believes that enable dreams to become reality. It takes time to achieve purposeful outcome

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European venture contest final

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Tech Tour 2018 European Venture Contest Final closed today its 12th edition in Düsseldorf and Cellugy was selected among the 24 Europe’s best high

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Innovation competition

Reading Time: 2 minutes Cellugy is awarded as one of the winners at the Agro Business Park Innovationkonkurrence 2018. Out of 45 applicants, 10 start up were selected to

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..I am a biomaterial that can be used to sustainably replace plastic in packaging applications. I am pure cellulose created with the help of unique microorganisms. My purpose is to protect your product and of course, our lovely environment. You can now find me in the form of a water-based biocellulose suspension.