Bio-cellulose material
to replace plastic

Biodegradable solution for packaging applications

Plastic is everywhere around us. However, its most valuable properties (durability and resistance) also make it the scourge of the century. At Cellugy we believe that packaging materials should be made sustainably and designed to return value through a closed-loop system without compromising nature.

Our technology brings an innovative bio-cellulose material produced by the bioconversion of sugars. Its unique performance allows producers and brand-owners to meet their aggressive sustainability goals and contribute to a more sustainable future

Our journey

the duo
The concept is conceived by two researchers who inspired by an idea to investigate use of nanocellulose for bioplastics
Cellugy funded
The company was established by three diverse Founders and officially registered in Aarhus, Denmark as biotech start-up
First prototype
The first film prototype was made using different feedstocks such as agro industrial waste and surplus sugar
Priority application filed
Cellugy filed its first patent under priority year, using which the company will strengthen its market positioning
pilot project
Pilot projects
Cellugy runs pilot project with partners using EcoFlexy while ensuring its recyclability with paperboard stream
Oct, 2017
Apr, 2018
Oct, 2018
Oct, 2019
Current stage

100% bio-based

I am sourced from renewable

Food grade

I am allowed to be used in contact with food according to EU regulations

Introducing EcoFLEXY

High level performance

I provide an excellent oxygen barrier and temperature resistance


I am designed to facilitate recyclability within existing waste management system


I will disintegrate in soil even at room temperature

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..I am a biomaterial that can be used to sustainably replace plastic in packaging applications. I am pure cellulose created with the help of unique microorganisms. My purpose is to protect your product and of course our lovely environment. For now you can find me in the form of water based biocellulose suspension



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